Minors and Certificates

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Minors and Certificates

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers minors in the following fields:

•  Biology Minor

•  Chemistry Minor

•  Computer Science Minor

•  Criminal Justice Minor

•  Criminalistics Minor

•  History Minor

•  Political Science Minor

•  Psychology Minor

•  Sociology Minor

•  Spanish Minor


Minors Explained

All listed undergraduate minors require a minimum of 18 credit hours, with a minimum of 6 of those credit hours being advanced level (3000/4000) courses. Additional requirements are listed with the specific minor. Students may need to satisfy course prerequisites which require additional courses not listed in the specific minor requirements. 

Minors must be earned in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree and an undergraduate major. A student is unable to earn a major and a minor in the same academic discipline.