School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

students working at a laptop in class
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Diversity, Innovative Programs, Engaged Faculty, Broad Curriculum, Leadership, Professional Skills, and Community

These are the values that embody the mission and vision of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Our mission is to provide our diverse student population with innovative instruction, student-centered learning, career guidance, and intellectual growth through a broad curriculum that encourages active participation in the local and global community.
The vision of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences is to be a leader in impactful educational practices. Our knowledgeable and engaged faculty will facilitate student success by equipping graduates with professional skills and experiences.

We are housed in a state-of-the-art facility designed to promote energy conservation and a sustainable, interactive environment.  We have small classes and a school-wide commitment to student success.  Our model of learning stimulates students to think critically, communicate effectively, utilize technology, and solve problems.