Minor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies

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What is a minor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies?

By minoring in Rhetoric and Writing studies at UNT Dallas, you will become an advanced critical thinker about language and communication while learning specific marketable skills. This innovative program mixes instruction in writing, literature, new media, and rhetoric. The minor will be an asset to any student, with any major, that is preparing for a post-college job or for graduate school.

About our Rhetoric and Writing Studies Minor


Students will become stronger academic writers in the areas of grammar, organization, style, argumentation, research, and citation. They will also become stronger technical/business writers and/or new media writers with specific skills in developing short essays, blog essays, business letters, business reports, business proposals, and research prospectuses.

Presentation Skills

Students will develop as presenters. They will learn how to verbally communicate information effectively, create visual presentations using PowerPoint, Prezi, etc., and create supplemental documents.

Multimedia Communication

Students will engage with technology to create media such as blogs, podcast episodes, websites, and an e-portfolio.

Metacognition About Language

Students will grow and develop as complex thinkers about writing, language, and communication and connect rhetorical thinking to complex social issues in various fields.

Rhetoric and Writing Studies Minor Degree Plan Information

With courses offered year-around, we’ll help ensure you can complete the Rhetoric and Writing Studies minor in time to graduate. Also, forget spending a lot on textbooks! Most courses in this minor provide you with free materials. 

The courses in this minor can be completed in any order*. Courses from this minor may also be substituted with other approved courses that are not listed on the degree plan (contact the program coordinator for details).

The minor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies is designed to be pursued in conjunction with a major at UNT-Dallas. Depending on your program of study, courses in this minor may count as core courses or electives in your major program (e.g. Bachelor's in Applied English). Be sure to connect with your advisor to see how this minor fits into your degree plan. 

*ENGL 1313 is the only prerequisite for a few courses in this minor.

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What marketable skills will I learn?

  • Enhanced writing ability
  • Strong researching capabilities
  • Ability to adjust communication to various situations and settings
  • Strengthened ability to persuade audiences
  • Deeper understanding of writing, language, and communication and how it impacts society
  • Content editing skills
  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills
  • Produce writing across various mediums