Justice and Social Policy: Bachelor Degree Program

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What is Justice and Social Policy?

A Justice and Social Policy degree from UNT Dallas is an interdisciplinary degree that gives students an affordable path to rewarding careers in criminal justice agencies, as well as social and community organizations working in the emerging areas of social equality and justice reform. Justice and Social Policy majors gain the knowledge of historical and contemporary justice frameworks and human and social justice issues with an emphasis on policy development and implementation.

What marketable skills will I learn?

  • Understand the inter-relationships of social justice agencies.
  • Analyze, interpret, and use justice and social policy data. 
  • Effective justice policy evaluation and communication.
  • Critical assessment of decision making processes amongst social justice agencies.
  • Development of leadership skills in community justice and social policy.
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What career opportunities are available with a Justice and Social Policy Degree?

  • Victim/witness advocacy
  • Child welfare
  • Case management
  • City/state government
  • Diversity equity and inclusion
  • Community organizing
  • Policy analysis

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