Biology: Bachelor Degree Program

What is a bachelor’s degree in Biology at UNT Dallas?

Biology is one of the broadest and most important subjects in the world today, simply put, because biology is the study of life, from single-cell organisms to complex plants and animals, ensuring an infinite number of intriguing questions to tackle..A biology degree at the University of North Texas at Dallas provides students an affordable path to rewarding careers in education, health, environmental science, forensic biology, scientific journalism and research. Biology majors will learn ways to understand nature and the interconnectedness of all living things. Biology is important to everyday life because it allows us to better understand ourselves, our natural resources and the potential threats that would alter, damage or destroy our environment. UNT Dallas biology majors will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to enter a variety of rewarding career fields.

What marketable skills will I learn?

  • Research that includes navigation of the scientific method, data acquisition and analysis, and presentation of findings
  • Communicate scientific information in both written and oral formats
  • Apply known ideas to new situations and data sets to deduce a new conclusion or emergent idea
  • Address and medicate conflict and able to make responsible leaders
  • Use systematic approaches and laboratory techniques to investigate and determine unknown substances

"I feel like when you are a part of something, you attach your heart to it. So, coming here I have seen, learned, and grown, and through that I am greatly appreciative." -Warren Carter, Biology Alumnus

Why earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology from UNT Dallas?

Biology majors at UNT Dallas have the option of pursuing one of two affordable degree paths: A Bachelor of Arts degree, which allows students to pursue a traditional liberal arts education while still receiving extensive training in biology for careers in education, scientific journalism or environmental management and research; or a Bachelor of Science degree, which provides more specific math and science courses that align with the requirements to apply to medical school, pharmacy school and other postgraduate endeavors. At UNT Dallas, you’ll find that not only are our biology degree programs affordable, but our small class sizes will afford you personal attention every step of the way from our dedicated faculty to ensure your academic success. Modern lab facilities and opportunities for mentored undergraduate research will give you hands-on experience in the biological sciences.

What career opportunities are available with a Biology degree?

Biology majors undertake careers as broad and wide-ranging as biology itself. Many biology degree graduates choose to study at the postgraduate level within a specialization or related field. Careers you could pursue with a biology degree include:

Bachelor of Arts                                                 Bachelor of Science

  • Educator                                                          • Pharmacist
  • Science Journalist                                           • Dentist
  • Researcher                                                      • Veterinarian
  • Laboratory technician                                     • Doctor
  • Health care administrator                              • Occupational therapist
  • Environmental administrator                         • Physical therapist

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