Sociology: Bachelor Degree Program

What is a bachelor’s degree in Sociology?

Sociology is a social science which helps to make sense of the way in which society functions. Those who study sociology are intrigued by how and why people interact as they do with others, and have a deep interest in learning about and finding solutions to sociological issues that deal with gender, race, family, prejudice and discrimination, poverty, education, religious faith and many more. A Sociology degree at the University of North Texas at Dallas provides students an affordable path to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and gaining opportunities to a wide-ranging career path in fields such as human services administration, counseling, journalism, public office, law enforcement, corrections, social work or education, among many others. Sociology majors at UNT Dallas will learn to think critically about social problems and social phenomena, and can use their sociology degree as a great starting point on the way to an advanced degree in psychology or public research.

What marketable skills will I learn?

  • Conduct quantitative research utilizing SPSS statistical software
  • Observe and analyze human behavior
  • Promote multiculturalism in workplace
  • Study demographics and market trends
  • Communicate and present information
  • Conduct research on consumer attitudes in the marketplace
  • Analyze, identify, and research issues in the health field
  • Understand, evaluate, and interpret the business of sports; in terms of market forces, consumerism, and individual behavior
  • Investigate, evaluate, and identify issues relating to family and gender relations

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Why earn a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UNT Dallas?

Sociology majors at UNT Dallas provides students the skills, knowledge and tools, including collecting and analyzing data, and conducting research surveys and experiments to study and better understand how all aspects of society are related. Sociology is also a great major for students interested in law or medicine. You’ll find that not only is UNT Dallas’ Sociology degree program affordable, but our small class sizes offer personal attention from our dedicated faculty to ensure your academic success. Like UNT Dallas itself, the Sociology degree program is committed to experiential learning opportunities such as internships in the top-rated Dallas-Fort Worth job market that give you the real-world work experiences that employers desire, while helping you to build professional networks.

What career opportunities are available with a Sociology degree?

A bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UNT Dallas will prepare graduates for careers in wide-ranging fields that fit your skills, knowledge and interests. Sociology majors enter jobs that require creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving. Careers you could pursue with a sociology degree include:

  • Guidance counselor
  • Human resources representative
  • Market research analyst
  • Law enforcement agents
  • Public health policy
  • Social worker
  • Survey researcher
  • Media planner