BAAS Concentration: Emergency Services Administration


Our Emergency Services Administration degree is 1 of only 3 US Fire Administration-recognized bachelor’s programs in Texas.

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A Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree with a concentration in Emergency Services Administration from the University of North Texas at Dallas provides students an affordable pathway to a wide-ranging spectrum of rewarding careers in Emergency Services. Students pursuing the Emergency Services Administration concentration gain valuable knowledge in the areas of management, leadership and community risk-reduction strategies that are essential in today’s first-responder work world. Completed entirely online, a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Administration prepares graduates for high-level administrative career opportunities in the Fire and Emergency Medical services.

Why earn a BAAS degree in Emergency Services Administration from UNT Dallas?

Whether you plan for a career in Fire and EMS administration, training, education, research, or fire and life safety prevention, a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Administration from UNT Dallas provides the skills necessary to take the next step. The Emergency Services Administration degree is an interdisciplinary field of study that encompasses both the fire service and EMS professions. At UNT Dallas, you’ll find that not only is the Emergency Services Administration degree plan affordable, but the program is eligible for the Texas Firefighter’s Tuition Exemption for qualifying Texas firefighters. The entire curriculum was adopted from the U.S. Fire Administration’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) model and is nationally recognized. Our fully online format allows scheduling flexibility to successfully complete the degree while continuing to work a “first- responder” shift schedule. UNT Dallas’ premier faculty is fully dedicated to ensuring your academic success. UNT Dallas is committed to providing students the knowledge, skills and abilities required to emerge as leaders in the first-responder arena.

TAB Recognition: The launch of this degree program was made possible by the generosity of the Texas Higher Education Foundation as a Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Degree program. Students are required to complete the 36 hours of EMSA courses at UNT Dallas, which allows for the maximum of 84 credit hours, including the Texas Core to be transferred into the 120-hour BAAS degree.

What is a BAAS degree in Emergency Services Administration at UNT Dallas?

This new degree plan in Emergency Services Administration features a distinctive undergraduate curriculum that focuses on Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services, and is the only program of its kind in North Texas. This affordable, and entirely online, course of study provides students with a theoretically grounded, policy focused and empirically rigorous education in the field of Emergency Services. This uniquely focused curriculum will enhance your ability to compete in the Emergency Services marketplace, as well as prepare you for careers in leadership and management in the fire service and administrative areas of emergency medical services. This UNT Dallas degree in Emergency Services Administration is nationally recognized by the U.S. Fire Administration.

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What career opportunities are available with a BAAS degree in Emergency Services Administration degree?

A bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Administration from UNT Dallas will lay the groundwork for an administrative career in the fire or emergency medical services arena. Other relevant career paths for ESA graduates include:

  • Fire Chief
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Investigator
  • Fire/EMS Training Coordinator
  • Fire/EMS Instructor
  • Fire/EMS Field Training Officer
  • Emergency Management Coordinators
  • Private/Public Sector Safety Personnel
  • Private/Public Sector Rescue Technician
  • Private/Public Sector Hazardous Materials Specialist
  • Insurance Company Investigator

Advisory Board Members

The Emergency Services Administration programming was developed in collaboration with these individuals.

  • Steve Keller-Tarrant County College Fire Training Center
  • Randall Alexander-Tarrant County College Fire training Center
  • Chris Waller-Navarro College Fire/EMS
  • Alvin Samples-El Centro Fire Science Program
  • Alex Stadthagen-Brookhaven EMS 
  • Pat McAuliff-Collin College Fire Training Center 
  • Tim Mock-Collin College EMS
  • Strider Floyd-NCTC Fire & EMS Program
  • Battalion Chief Rich Stewart-Irving Fire Department
  • Chief Jim Davis-FT Worth Fire Department
  • Matt Zavadsky-Medstar EMS 
  • Chief Jerry Duffield-Desoto FD
  • Kevin Reynolds–CareFlite     
  • Shane Smith-AMR
  • Doug Bass-Dallas County Office of Emergency Management 
  • Assistant Chief Frank McKinley-Dallas Fire Rescue 
  • Chief Robert Fite-Grand Prairie Fire Department
  • Chief David Jones-Addison Fire Department 
  • Fire Marshal Robert De Los Santos-Dallas County Fire Marshal