Applied Arts and Sciences: Bachelor Degree Program

What is a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Sciences?

Design your own degree based on the credits you’ve already earned, your interests, your experience and your career goals. The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences program at the University of North Texas at Dallas is designed for students who didn’t take a traditional path to college. Some people get technical certification at a community college before they decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Some people realize they need to go back to school to move ahead in their job. Others served in the military before choosing to return to the classroom. Our arts and sciences degree program will provide you a direct and affordable path to a fully accredited bachelor’s degree that focuses on your unique career goals and educational experiences.

Why earn a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Sciences from UNT Dallas?

The arts and sciences major is crafted to help you complete your bachelor’s degree in a timely way and move successfully into a career. Along the way, you’ll be encouraged to participate in internships that build competencies and help you develop networks in the Dallas-Fort Worth job market.
The applied arts and sciences degree program at UNT Dallas is affordable, interdisciplinary and flexible.  This bachelor degree builds upon completed coursework from community colleges, other universities and the military, combining it with coursework intended to meet your individual or career goals.

UNT Dallas advising counselors will help design a course plan that will build on your interests, make you more attractive to potential employers and allow you to take the next step in your career.

What career opportunities are available with an Applied Arts and Sciences degree?

Career opportunities for Bachelor of Arts and Sciences graduates vary as much as their paths to earning the degree. Some students complete the degree for career advancement. Others want to change their career paths altogether or ultimately plan to attend graduate school. Whatever your motivation, as an arts and sciences major, you’ll be able to take courses that equip you with an array of skills to compete in today’s ever-changing workplace.

UNT Dallas graduates are found in a multitude of career fields. Many arts and sciences graduates work in:

  • Business
  • State and local government
  • Nonprofit organizations and social service agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Public school systems and higher education
  • Professional sports
  • Restaurants